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b e y o n d   t r a d i t i o n
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Somewhere beyond all tradition,

Beyond the dance and flash of color,

Beyond all thought and feeling,

And beyond anything of our history...

Lies a realm that speaks silently

Of what the traditions could not

And upholds both us and our ancestors

Beyond what either can usually see.

We are blessed with the wonders

Our traditions and visions have brought.

And yet, just beyond the moment

In which these had arisen...

The Light of Eternity shines

Freely to all

Without Creed or Tradition

And completely without argument.

Conflict fades into the quiet face.

What we had thought true becomes distant.

Our hopes, dreams and feelings turn to see...

And the Light answers all.
The Light is seen and not seen.

It is heard and not heard.

And far beyond what any sense could tell,

It simply is...

Reality without Report

Available only to those who look

Long enough to notice

What has always been there.

That which thought could not capture

And tear to logical threads.

That which argument could not find words

With which to confront.

Beyond all "intention" is true intention.

Beyond all "attention" is whole attention.

Beyond what we call "love" is real love,

Arising from the Peace that wholly IS the Beyond.

Without doubt, punishment or reward.

What YOU are is so forever.

altarlight – 1997
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