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S I T E   P U R P O S E
&   S U M M A R Y

The world around us is created to allow freedom to attempt to choose a vision other than whole vision of our shared reality, which attempt creates perception of a seemingly real world. The choice involved in that freedom continues until one realizes this attempt was futile and the world they think they see is not what they truly want. This takes a long time; yet we can improve what we perceive. This site offers one thing...an opportunity to begin the process of relinquishing, reducing the frequency of, and improving the foundation of that choice and its "choice children", thus reducing the conflict of this error.

continuing... — Although the above statement sounds rather like things said in A Course In Miracles, the purpose on this site is somewhat different. I don't follow ACIM and yet find many good things said there, and said more clearly than the buried treasures in the Bible which are often far off the mark compared to straight up truth. Setting aside (somewhat) the things said in either of these texts, we're all faced with basic questions common to humanity.

  • Why am I here...or why are any of us here?
  • What is my purpose in being here?
  • What am I?
  • Who and what is this God I keep hearing about?
  • What about just living my life and being human? What's wrong with that?
  • Why is the world so messed up...for so long?
  • Is there a solution? And does that solution need to be about "going to heaven" off in the distant somewhere?
  • Why am I or would I ever want to be the involuntary servant of any alleged "higher power"...God or otherwise?
  • My family...that's what life's all about isn't it?
  • Isn't it enough to just be a "law-biding citizen" and try to not hurt people?
I don't propose to dive headlong into answering these questions. However, if you read between the lines a little throughout the site, hopefully the answers to these will begin to become more clear (if they're not already clear). The reality beyond any answers however, is not in these words or any other words in books and scriptures. That reality is you.

The Home page, titled What If ?, is a short talk projecting a future arising from a society changed by noticing inner awareness, accompanied by a fictional story and fantasy encounter within. Although fictional, it is not far from stepping over the line out of the world of fantasy into a global form of communion shared between all, expressed as loving cooperation in a context of understanding freely and without fearful overlays.

01. The first page beyond the Home page, Forgiveness, unveils the truth about forgiveness, that this is what we are...and therefore that forgiveness ("fore-giveness") is not an act we perform in tolerance after the fact of an undesired occurrence. After the fact acts of tolerance are not forgiveness, but are post-giveness. Post-giveness is a good tool because it helps open the heart, and it is when the heart is willingly opened that we afford ourselves the opportunity to embrace our reality as fore-giveness. But be clear that forgiveness must be restored in mind and realized as present BEFORE any undesired act occurs in order for it to be forgiveness.

02. The second page, Judgment, delves into that which people regard as judgments, negative or positive, discussing a little about what judgment actually is...and what it is not. I didn't try to be comprehensive on this. With regard to the religious notion about a "final judgment", I will just say this: Reality is unchanging and has no place in it for an act of judgment by a deity such as has been proposed in a particularly negative-sounding and somewhat fearful way. When all illusions and the time in which they were thought to be appearing, have been relinquished in mind, the world of appearances and all that pertains to it are seen no more...resulting in one seeing only the truth...reality itself, just as it always was before the illusion of this world was created. THAT is the final judgment...not in time as an "act of God", but in eternity, beyond time, and as the rediscovery of what we are. As the prodigal children begin returning to willingness to look upon their reality, it becomes clear that nothing was ever lost. Instead, people partook of judgment by way of choosing, and this set the error in motion referred to in these writings as denial. It is called denial because choosing requires more than one...and reality is one and indivisible; therefore, choosing vexes the mind to create and believe in separated imagery as though it were reality itself...but gladly, it is not. So the "final judgment" actually is when one has judged their last judgment, and judges in time-based temporal ways no more. Instead of judging, instead of believing...they know. And to "know" is not a horrendously complex mental task. Instead it is entirely simple, for it has no divided, seemingly separate data or information making it seem complex. Our one shared reality.

03. The third page, Innocence, carries this issue about judgment forward, in terms of what judging does, but does not need to be doing in our lives, and in whimsical fashion, invites us back to remembrance of our innate innocence. Before judgment entered in by choosing, the split concept called "good and evil" was not present in mind, distracting it into the complexity of multiplicity. Good was (and is) just good. That's what reality is...good...only good. It is not good and evil. The concept and judgmental view which insists day in and day out that evil is in our lives and in our world, creates evidence as false witnesses to recite the rhetoric of that belief over and over, keeping us rather mesmerized and believing in the evidence these witnesses are. This creates fear and irrational, even insane thought forms, feelings and behaviors...often suppressed and disguised as something else. These writings are about the return to innocence...or to the Garden if you will.

04. The fourth page, Freedom, explores true freedom as what we are. What we are...is free of judgments against our reality as "being"...as forgiveness in which we always share what we are unconditionally. Freedom comes from within because it arises from the core essence of what we are, and is so whether we seem bodily or emotionally free or not. Being free and realizing it completely, tends to draw outer freedom toward us. And yet, this world is the illusion set in motion by denial, and outer evidence at some point must always deny the truth of our freedom. With taking the time willingly to notice awareness of our shared reality, we are more hopeful of and more apt to experience a less difficult experience of any seeming lack of freedom that comes along in outer experience.

05. The fifth page, Sexual Freedom, offers a much broader view of what sexuality is beyond things related to things considered to be sexual acts and relationships. It speaks of our bringing freedom into mind and understanding, and affording ourselves freedom in all aspects of our lives. At the core of humanity, is human sexuality. This writing explores how traditional behaviors thought to be good and helpful, are also creating in our children the seeds of resentment and fear (even when covered over with other feelings considered more loving, etc.). It goes on to speak to how interference with natural development of sexuality is at the root of dysfunction and violence in the world. Beyond that simple consideration is the issue of trust based in true faith (which is not belief). As long as we choose fear over trust, our lives reflect that choice throughout our world. If we are to reverse that trend, we must start at home, at the very core and foundation of what it means to be human. And that means we must take a long look at what we're doing and teaching in the realm of human sexuality.

06. In the sixth page writing, titled Beyond Tradition, some hints are thrown out to consider. These begin with the title of course, but speak of reality as lying beyond what our senses report to us. That reality, or in other words, whatever is actually real, permanent, unchanging, invulnerable, indivisible and certain...is what you are. You're not simply "part of it", but you are everything reality is, for reality is whole and maximal always. It is intended that after reading the material on this site, you might find yourself more willing to accept freedom within, toward a brighter, more peaceable, and freer life without, whether you have previously been uninterested in the topics discussed, or perhaps have been involved with them for years, or are perhaps an activist seeking to help the world become a better place. The tools are within us all, and yet not tools per se, but the very essence and wisdom of such improvements is what you are. This is so whether you're involved in a religion or not, whether you believe what is written here or not, whether you're highly educated or not. There is literally nothing such as "being right" or "being wrong" or "being guilty", despite the volumes of information, teaching and evidence strongly suggesting these are valid concepts based on irrefutable principles. These type descriptors are what we have become conditioned to believe in and at times identify with. However, as one opens to notice their own reality, "real"-ization begins to occur, modifying beliefs, thinking processes and feelings...and opening new horizons in all directions. We remain as we were, ensconced in a world filled with separate people, and yet begin to understand we are more than that. Such a realization will not come from reading and believing in my words, but from relaxing into quiet noticing of the whole awareness you already have which knows all knowledge. A caveat about that however, is that most of what the world regards as knowledge, is not knowledge but is structured data and information. Knowledge is real, is whole and indivisible, and cannot be information, as also information is not and cannot be knowledge. This simple fact defines for us something rather important. Believing is not knowing, no matter how well-founded in writings, feelings, traditions, or even hearing voices or seeing visions as some have reported. Even if someone called "God" shows up at one's doorstep with "angels" on each side, declaring ownership and authority...believing them is not the same as knowing whole knowledge. All entities appearing as seemingly separate, whether human or otherwise, are not that whole knowledge of reality, and therefore are not and cannot be the infiniteness sometimes called God, that some writings declare them to be.

07. The seventh page, Understanding, takes a look at how people view understanding incorrectly, in terms of information and evidence, etc. While these are important and certainly not to be ignored, they are not understanding, but instead are planning according to logical deductions, memorized and taught as education. Understanding is more foundational than these ideas suggest, and like sexual freedom, is at the core of being human, standing right at the cusp between reality and illusion...quietly calling to us to be noticed, listened to, and guided by...or in other words, the influence of reality pouring over into the world of illusion we're experiencing.

08. The eighth page, Bible Comments 1, takes a look at virgin birth, creation, the false idea of evil, instruction and "the fall" into blindness (rather than commandment and punishment), and some words on faith beyond the common concept of faith as strong belief, etc.

09. The ninth page, Bible Comments 2, looks at the story from the Garden of Eden in terms of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Also explored are some fundamental doctrines of Christianity: Jesus as God, Jesus as Savior, Jesus' Death as Salvation, Remission of Sins, the so-called "Plan of Salvation" and its impact on humanity, and what salvation actually is.

10. The tenth page, ACIM (or A Course In Miracles), gives a quick birdseye of what is most important in ACIM, as well as the rut so often noted in ACIM study groups. Much more than what is given here could be said about ACIM, but at least for now, such additional writing has been left for another time. Emphasis is placed on "I need do nothing", while doing lessons over and over, and "choosing again" are deemphasized and identified as detracting from the primary message which "I need do nothing" begins to illuminate. Rather than a manual for living as is commonly believed, ACIM uses what I've come to call the "double-edged sword teaching method" (my own term — see below).

* Briefly, the "two-edged sword teaching method" is one in which truth as precious gold is mixed with an overburden of earthy untruth and the ore matrix in which the gold is found, leaving the listener or reader to notice the difference between ore and gold by and because awareness is allowed to arise and guide the mind.

Here, my son, this is righteousness:Exodus 20:13&Genesis 22:1-18
  • Thou shalt not kill.
  • Take thy son and kill him, and give him to me as a burnt offering to show me that you're my obedient servant.

11. The eleventh page, Biography is a quick sketch of various aspects related to the author of this site.

12. The twelfth page, Glossary is an explanation of how many terms are used on this site. It is divided into two main categories:

  1. Terms which primarily relate to "Reality" or reality's whole view
  2. Terms which primarily relate to "Denial", including choice, judgment and much more.

13. The thirteenth page, Site Purpose & Summary is this page.

14. The fourteenth pagem Site Map is an expanded menu, including everything on the main menu, various shortcut/hotkeys as alternate navigation methods, PDF downloads, etc.

15. The fifteenth page, Further Notes, (in part) speaks to other aspects of freedom of choice. Just as one who is inwardly free has freedom of choice to live life in non-traditional ways, that person also has the choice to continue living in traditional ways. Inwardly, freedom is entirely free. In order to best reflect that inner freedom, any path of outward choices and behavior is available. There is no "should do this" or "shouldn't do that" involved. However, the more open one is to awareness of reality, which awareness actually "is" freedom, the more likely it is that one will live their life according to influence from that freedom. That does not necessarily mean they will live in non-traditional ways however; for influence guides according to that which is good outside a context of "good and evil", and for a given person in a given situation in the world, living in traditional ways might be best for them and those people they are in relationships with. Freedom should not unnecessarily jeopardize people or cause extremes of discomfort or pain in order to express.

Another aspect of freedom is found in the behavioral paths of people considered to be dark or criminal in how they live, sometimes being extremely cruel and controlling. While it is believed that these people are less worthy of love, and are people to be feared and avoided, the opposite is true. Everyone, including these people, need to...and need others to...love one another, and open to trusting one another. This is the key to dissolving the harsh negativity in the world. The more people punish and avoid, the more they ensure that the very things and people they are resisting and avoiding will continue to come along in their world. What we focus on and what we vehemently resist is reinforced, remembered in memory in ways which are more readily recalled and connected with emotional locking triggers. If you would like your own self to improve (in your view), open to awareness and discover loving yourself. If you would like those around you to improve, do the same.

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